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What a Little Technology Can Do!

I was feeling a little lazy and bored tonight. I really did not want to watch HGTV reruns.

I had worked on a video of this year's family 4th of July (which happeded to be on the 3rd this year) back in July, but was never really happy with it. After several moments of indecision, I decided Imovie would be more fun that watching an old episode of House Hunters' International.

Over the last few years, it has become a tradition to get our family together with Marcee's sister's family for the 4th to eat BBQ, drink a beer (or Diet Coke) and shoot off a few fireworks. (Hey...we live in the South...and mountains. I offer no apologies.)

What started off a few years ago as a bottle rockets and firecrackers took on a life of its own. Every year, our families pool their fireworks together, but most of the "real" fireworks have become the vision of the Fallica's. This year, Ron up'ed his game by gifting Susan's husband with a new electronic ignition system. We moved from matches and "punks" into the 21st century.

When you couple all of this with the right venue, it is the perfect way to spend the holiday. Susan's family has an incredible home for viewing fireworks and far enough away from everyone else to shake the mountain on which it sits.

With a little help from Garageband, IMovie, and Jimi, here is the new improved 2023 fireworks show.

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1 Comment

Lindsay Homesley Hutchinson
Lindsay Homesley Hutchinson
Aug 27, 2023

Thank you so much for posting. Georgia missed the fireworks this year at Dale and Leigh Ann's house because it rained and she was so sad! Now I can show her this :)

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