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The Titanic Paradox

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In 2022, Dan Hunt and his wife drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to visit the Titanic Museum for a weekend get-away. Instead of the vacation that he had planned, Dan finds himself pulled into a situation well beyond his control and understanding.

Dan awakes on April 13, 1912, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean with his new wife on their honeymoon. With no grasp as to why or how he got there, Dan must try to pass himself off as John Franklin, an employee of Harland and Wolff and one of the architects of the Titanic. 


Hosted in John Franklin’s body, Dan has John’s memories as well as his own. He will only have a couple of days to save the ship, or at a minimum, save himself and his new wife. With the remembrances of his previous life slowly fading from his memory, his plight is complicated. If he just knew why he had been sent back to the Titanic. 

Meanwhile John Franklin finds himself catapulted into the twenty first century where things have changed for the worse, due to Dan’s interference 110 years earlier. Begrudgingly Dan and John will have to work together to resolve the Paradox of the Titanic. 

Always Thaddeus: The Resurrection
Book II
















World famous musician Andrew Morgan serves a prison sentence for killing his wife, Sandy – a crime he didn’t commit. His ex-wife Beth planted overwhelming evidence against him, so he feels literally and figuratively trapped in a hopeless situation. Reporter Jan Smith is compelled to help Andrew prove his innocence, but time is running out as every day in prison could be Andrew’s last.

Meanwhile, outside events will soon coalesce to affect Andrew’s life. Coast Guard Petty Officer Craig Hendershott rescues a Jane Doe from the raging sea, linking them forever. Handsome and powerful Spanish tycoon Ernesto Chavez finds Margaret Buchanon irresistible, and her appeal may entice this bachelor to finally tie the knot. The fine line between sanity and insanity will be tested as the two move rapidly toward matrimony.

Two of Ernesto’s employees, Maria Sarduchi and Tonya de Lugo, learn some of Beth Morgan’s secrets. They will either become good detectives—or dead ones. Ultimately, eight individuals come face to face in a powerful courtroom battle that rocks international shores. As the truth is revealed, will it be worth the price as Beth’s devastating wrath comes full circle?

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Always Thaddeus:

Book 1

Three individuals, linked by a common thread, pursue their own version of hope. They believe they can find it on the idyllic island of Owl's Nest. Each searches for hope through the others, only to realize they must find it alone.

Sitting alone on the funeral parlor's porch, Beth slowly rocks herself back and forth and back again. Alone in her misery, she frantically searches her mind for hope. Though there is a tombstone with her son's name of it, she believes Thaddeus is still alive. All she has to do is find him.

It is a stunning August afternoon when Sandy Smithson arrives on Owl's Nest. The smell of the sea salt and fish wrestle with and compete for her senses. Suddenly, feeling hopeful, Sandy is ready to move her stagnant life forward.


Running from his past, Andrew Morgan searches for sanctuary from the scars of life. He finds it on Owl's Nest with Sandy. But waiting in the shadows and hidden in plain sight, evil lurks. It moves its way through the streets, inside the cottages, and onto the unruly shores of this peaceful island bringing devastation and destruction. Owl's Nest, Maine, the respite from his past, turns on Andrew in a moment leaving him exposed.

Unclaimed Baggage
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Alzheimer's leaps off the neatly painted sign, as if in neon, beckoning the driver to come on in.  Lugging eighty-two years of baggage, Martha begins an unforgettable two-year journey weaving in and out of her forgotten memories.

Based on a true story, this emotionally charged account is told in snippets of anecdotes from Martha's perspective, as well as, the real life experiences of her daughters.  Set against the backdrop of Alzheimer's disease, this riveting narrative weaves a beautiful tapestry of compassion, inspiration, and redemption.

Unclaimed Baggage is a beacon of hope culminating in an unexpected miracle that could only be achieved through God.  "In that moment, God's Spirit filled the daughters and brought His gift of love to them. They were allowed a rare glimpse inside God;s 'why' world, the secrete world of why things happen."  In the end, God was there with He always had been.

North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology


North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology 2021 is a compilation of some of the state's best poets selected from submissions in 2020. R.L. Corn was one of the contributors to this year's anthology with his work "Sandcastle Knight".

Golden Heart II
We Are Your Family

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Golden Heart II: We Are Your Family was written for orphans, foster children, foundlings, or lonely discouraged people of any age. This book was compiled and edited by Christina Goebel, author of Golden Heart I: How to Love Humanity. This work discusses lifetime topics that families share with one another to learn, grow, and belong. Thirty-six international authors share their hearts so that you can revisit them anytime you need acceptance, strength, encouragement, and love. Marcee Corn and Rob Corn contributed their thoughts in short essays for this worthwhile project.

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