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Always Thaddeus Book Trailer

This video was created by some very talented people (and family members) that

we would like to recognize. Allie  McCulloch, a very talented actor that you may

have seen in Under the Dome, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and The Resident 

played the role of Beth in the video.  Both of her sons Asher and Townsend were

seen briefly in the video.  Her sons are also professional actors. 

                      Ron Fallica, Allie's husband, produced and filmed the video.  In addition to 

                      producing films, Ron is also a talented actor that you can see in Stranger Things, 

                      Sightings, and other television and film projects. 

                      Ron and Allie own and operate 
Actors Arsenal in Wilmington, NC. Actor's 

                      Arsenal specializes in audition taping, group classes and private coaching for
                      the beginning actor to the most seasoned 

The sound track for the video was created by Peter Corn, a singer/song writer

living in New York City. Peter is a journalist for Motor Biscuit. When Peter is

not writing, he works on creating music for advertising and short films. He is

also an incredible singer, guitarist, drummer, and harmonica player.

Allie McCulloch, in addition to being a very talented actor, is Marcee Corn's niece.  This, in turn, makes Asher and Townsend Marcee's great nephews.  Ron Fallica just so happens to be married to Allie making him somewhat related to Ms. Corn, but every bit as much of the family as the rest. 

Finally, Peter Corn, is Rob and Marcee's youngest son. 

Thanks to everyone for creating this amazing book trailer.  We owe everyone dinner!

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