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Marcee's Bio


Marcee Corn is a teacher and storyteller by profession.


Ms. Corn’s love of words originated when she was a teenager

reading the poetry of Shel Silverstein and others. And her love

for the spoken and written word has never left her.


When she finished her degree in Elementary Education, she

was hired as a first grade teacherin Memphis, Tennessee.  Still

being enamored with words, Ms. Corn began telling stories

to her students her first year in the classroom. It was a special

treat saved for the end of the day when her students were tired

and needed a relaxing break. The students would lie on the

carpetaround their teacher and listen to her made-up tales.

Manytimes the stories involved dinosaursor dragons - a very

popular subject with six year old's. Some years, Ms. Corn would

tell ONE very long story that would continue for the entire

school year ending on the last day of school. With the popularity

of her storytelling, word spread about her tales, and children

waited anxiouslyto see if they would get into Ms. Corn’s class!


One day, Ms. Corn realized that through her storytelling, she could help encourage those shy,
struggling and withdrawn children in her class by making them the heroes and heroines in the
tale.  Thus began a tradition and passion she pursued for the next 23 years of her career. Even
when she taught 6th graders in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, as her career came to a close, she
continued with the storytelling. Of course the subject matter changed from dinosaurs to current
topics of interest to twelve year old preteens-each other!


While still in Vestavia Hills, she and her sister, Susan McCulloch, began writing the memoir, Unclaimed Baggage; the story of their mother’s journey through Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2013, Ms.Corn and her husband moved to the mountains of North Carolina. With the inspiration that the mountains provided, Ms. Corn decided to try her hand at writing fiction. She began writing fiction five years ago, writing unpublished short stories. She found she enjoyed the process and ability to exercise her imagination. Her first short story, Raven, was. published in a literary blog as the contest winner.

Always Thaddeus, her second novel, takes place on a make-believe island off the coast of Maine. Ms. Corn had spent many summers on the coast of Maine as a child. She has many fond memories and remembers vivid details about the coastline and the uniqueness of the area. Recent visits to Maine, prompted her to set her thriller, Always Thaddeus on Owl’s Nest, Maine.

In 2019, Marcee and her husband Rob decided to write a sequel to her best seller, Always Thaddeus. The  sequel allowed the team to resolve several issues left unanswered in the original story. In a very unique approach to co-authoring, Always Thaddeus: The Resurrection was written as two separate works which were then combined late in the process. The final court scene was penned last with each author writing from the  perspective of the individual characters.

When she is not writing, Marcee and Rob are proprietors of The Twisted Twig Antiques & Accents, an eclectic shop in Banner Elk, North Carolina.

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