Five Star Reviews for Always Thaddeus: The Resurrection (Book 2)



Five Star Reviews for Always Thaddeus (Book 1)
       2019 Picks and Reviews by Author Anna Casamento Arrigo (Blog)
An extraordinarily, crisp, clean, detailed story that will have you turning pages and wondering what next? There is a certain
          flow to this engaging read and, absolutely fantastic look and journey into the lives of three characters whose individual tragic
          losses and circumstances will pull at your heartstrings as they are tragic, broken beings, who have experienced loss, deprivation, 
          neglect, abandonment, and traveled through and run the gambit of the broken spirit.

          Andrew, who continues to mourn the loss of his Thaddeus and, has chosen a life of seclusion in Owl’s Nest, Maine-his wife
          (Beth-drifting farther from his thoughts): Sandy, healing after the loss of her husband, Jim, and still plagued by her sister, Mary’s
          death-believing that she, as well, as her mom, especially, held her responsible-now, reconnecting with her dearest friend (and true
          love-as she will discover), Andrew, who takes her breath away with his musical composition and profession of his long standing

          Then, there’s Beth (the most tragic figure I had yet to encounter, in my opinion)-abandoned to an orphanage by her mother,
          who chose pith and her husband’s desires and demands over her own. Beth is  an outcasts: never felt loved and, even more horrific
          than that, is her brutal rape as a teenager! ‘She does not know how to love because she has never been loved.' (which doesn't excuse
          her horrifying actions, but partly explains them).
       A Turbulent and Twisted Thriller by author, Eva Pasco
          The rugged coastline of Owl's Nest, Maine flanked by the tempest - tossed sea, is a strong metaphor for the intertwined characters
          who wend their way East.
          The author deftly weaves her tale in this thriller through lyrical descriptions of the setting, and through her methods of baring 
           each main character's anguished soul. The reader becomes privy to their personal disclosures via diary, journal entry, 
           conversations, and flashbacks. Ms. Corn leaves no stone unturned in preparation for the incoming tide.
           "Always Thaddeus," referenced in the title, is an integral part of this turbulent and twisted thriller which left me gasping for air
           at the last minute.
            I highly recommended this book for its poetic language, intriguing plot line, fully-fleshed characters, and shocking outcome.
        Mysterious read that has you begging for more

     Wow! Always Thaddeus starts off with such a gripping intensely heartbreaking scene with a mother
grieving for her lost child. 
           That just grips you and keeps you reading. The characters within Always Thaddeus will get inside of
           your skin and you will feel
everything they do. That is brilliant writing right there.


          Beth, oh my God, What a character she is. She is so well developed. She is nothing of what she first seems.
          I won’t give the spoiler away. Her past is haunting and her future is developing with plans to amend her
          busted heart.


          Always Thaddeus is a page turning book that grips from beginning to the end. There is no pause. There
          is only the dire need to see what happens.  And by God, the surprise ending will shock you.


         It is very rare that I say a book should be a movie, but this is the exception. Always Thaddeus would make
         for the next big motion movie. The power of emotion is poetic! Covering loss, romance, haunting parts, and

         very mysterious emotions that push the book forward in leaps and bounds.


          I’m eager for Book Two and I do hope that the author releases it sooner rather than later. I need to know more.
          I want more. I hunger for much more.

        - Ellie Douglas: Author
         Traveling to Maine

           Though I never left my lake home porch in Alabama, I've just spent a few days on the rugged coast of Maine.
           You ask how can that be…with the book Always Thaddeus in my lap.


           The author, Marcee Corn, has a wonderful gift of whisking you away into the pages of her book, convincing
           you that Andrew, Beth, or Sandy might have been your childhood friend and that you are experiencing the
           changing moods of the ocean on the small coastal island of Owl's Nest with them.


           Their life stories of loss so great that it rips away the heart, of finding love that was tucked away for years,
           of hatred that eats away the soul, and of hope that weaves all these together, are the gifts that Marcee Corn
           shares with her readers.


           Will I return to the coast of Maine? Certainly...with Always Thaddeus, Book two, in my lap.


          -Sue G.

         Simon Rated It!

           The second book by Marcee Corm and her first foray into the world of Thrillers.  She pulls it off too, with this
            intriguing tale set on the remote island of Owl's Nest.


            The characters are well developed and the story zips along, twisting its way to a confronting conclusions on
            the idyllic island. The story engaged me throughout and I found myself heavily invested in Andrew, Sandy
            and Beth.  Each of their pasts impacting heavily on their thoughts and emotions.

           This is certainly a thriller, and the tension builds throughout.  It's a really good read, and I'm very much looking

           forward to book two.
           - Simon H. - Author

Five Star Reviews for Unclaimed Baggage

Fantastic Debut! 

UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE is an amazing accomplishment for any author – let alone a debut. It’s the true story of one family,
told over generations, and how each one of them deals with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on their mother, Martha.

The story is told from several points of view: Martha’s, her daughters’, her husband’s, even the caregivers’ at the facility where
she’ll eventually live. It’s hard to master so many different POVs, but the authors (sisters Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch)

have done it exceptionally well. The story weaves back and forth over eras, too – from Martha’s girlhood, through two wars,

and changing decades , right up until the present. The timeline bounces around unpredictably, without being confusing.

Sometimes it feels the way our own memories work – or, in the case of Alzheimer's patients, stop working, as if it’s mirroring the loss of
cohesion over time. UB is also a love story, a real life romance, as we see young Martha meeting the man she would marry

in a world of elevator boys and stolen glances during WWII, while sharing an apartment with her big sister ‘Glo’ in New York.
Her relationship with Glo is fascinating as well, as they compete for their mother’s attention, the same men – and dresses!

This is a timeless American story - but a universal one, too - as most of us, in one way or another, will deal with the ravages of Alzheimer's on
our families. I must admit it isn't often that I shed a tear when I read but I did during Unclaimed Baggage. It's a
story full of heart, courage, hope - and sometimes hopelessness. Like life itself.

Sheri McInnis - Toronto, Canada
US Weekly Hot Book Author
Author of Devil May Care, By Invitation Only, Hunter's Moon , and Book Deal Secrets

A Story of Enduring Love 

"Think of me whenever you wear this ring, and I will love you forever."

This heartfelt narrative is the author's lovingly honest representation of her mother's slide into the suffocating fog of Alzheimer's.  Martha,
the matriarch in question, was born on July 14th, 1925, and was spiritually imbued with an innate humour and a kindness
that sadly deserts her for much of her life.  In addition, she suffers from low self-esteem and depression, which in turn leads to a
drink problem. 

Each human relationship is carefully observed; Corn writes with a refreshing honesty, highlighting how her mother's stoicism
shields the true affection that she feels for her three loyal daughters.  Paradoxically, this spiteful disease also offers provident absolution,
allowing her offspring to see her true unfettered soul. 

The book is cleverly-written, chronicling each family members' perspective, spanning different decades. It truly captures an old woman's
odyssey from a young girl, giddy with love and dreams, to an old lady clutching a shattered mirror of memories. 

Heartfelt, poignant, and at times crushingly sad, the overriding message is one of enduring love and HOPE.

Kevin Ansbro - Norwich, England
Author of The Angel in My Well and Kinnara

I love this book!

There was so much about this book that I found captivating. I knew the story was about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s,
but the way the book unfolds gives such a unique and encompassing look at the effect the disease has on every member of the
family, from their own point of view. The story is laid out the way a fortune teller might lay down cards to reveal different keys
to the puzzle. The result is a very rich tapestry, full of insights and conflicts.

Martha, the author’s mother, contributes so much to the story, going all the way back to her early childhood. Through these

vignettes, we see the wide range of experiences that shaped her life, and, in the final stages, shape the way she views a world
that has become mostly a mystery to her. 

Unclaimed Baggage is a beautifully written, powerful look at a horrific disease that almost anyone can relate to. I felt like it
helped to demystify the corrosive process of Alzheimer's by showing how fragmented memories from the past can overshadow
a lifetime of memories. I highly recommend this very touching life story.

Cynthia Hamilton - Santa Barbara, California

Author of Once Upon A Lyme, Golden State, the Madeline Dawkins series, and Finding Ruth

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Tangled Webs

Marcee Corn and her husband, R. L. Corn deliver a brilliant accounting of a life, many lives, fractured and entangled in a series of twists and turns. Guaranteed you'll be turning page after thrilling page. 

Beth, Andrew's ex wife is such a diabolically and aberrant woman, who sets about her evil plan to not only take lives in her way, but successfully frames her ex, Andrew for the murders.

When a woman's badly maimed body is found by the coast guard, she has no memory and is left with more questions than answers. Who is she? No spoilers here. 

A friend is called upon to look into the past, after Margaret/Beth engages in a 'romance' with a very wealthy Spaniard. 

How and when will Andrew's nightmare end?


Highly, very highly recommend you grab a copy. While this page turning thriller stands alone, I also, recommend that you read Always Thaddeus first!


Love how both husband and wife crafted an innovative method of 'telling' the latter part of the tale from individual character perspectives!



Anna Casamento Arrigo



Unputdownable Read
An accomplished piece of writing that once started is difficult to put down. Alway Thaddeus: The Resurrection is the
sequel to Always Thaddeus but you don't need to read the first in order to follow the plot of the second. In fact, having read the first book, I have to admit I prefer the second book. It is full of twists and turns which keep the readers attention from the beginning to the end.
The opening sentence, "As Andrew Morgan's eyes slowly opened, he realized that his prayers had not been answered for the 364th time. This was not a bad dream; it was his reality." has you hooked. 
The twisted multi-personalities of Beth/Margaret holds you captive. Which personality will win; or will it be Melody? How will it end for Andrew and Jane Doe? 
The new characters add to the mystery and suspense. I will not go into further detail as that would give too much away. Suffice to say, I whole-heartedly recommend this novel! Marcee and R. L. Corn are a great writing partnership.

Mrs. Julia F. Fletcher