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Man Caves

Ahhh, the man cave. I suppose the first one was just that. A little cave next to the family cave where a caveman could slip away for some “alone time” and still not be eaten by a dinosaur. Now, a couple of thousand years later, the “Man Cave” has taken on cult status–but it did not happen overnight.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was certainly a massive “man cave” with all kinds of cool displays (and it had a secret key). However, you have to assume that it was cold and drafty being located somewhere near Santa's place. Not a problem if you are Superman, but for most of us, we don’t want to be sporting artic wear while hanging out in our “cave”.

Then Bruce Wayne came along and created the “nearly perfect” man cave. First of all, it really was a cave. Secondly, he could park his car, plane, submarine, and motorcycle right there – in his cave. He could tinker with them day or night! He had a computer system that took up a whole wall and one of the biggest TV screens I have ever seen. Thirdly, you got to slide down a fireman’s pole hidden behind a grandfather’s clock to get to in. (There was the added benefit that even Bat Woman was not allow in!)

It helps to be a zillionaire if you want to put a cave like his together. However... he still had Robin and Alfred hanging around. And there were other problems. There were so many bats (1 would be too many). You know they left a mess. He must have spent countless hours cleaning bat poop off the Batmobile. Maybe that is why he was always so angry!

Other notable man caves: Mark Twain’s writing hut, Theodore Roosevelt’s trophy room, Henry David Thoreau’s writing cabin, the Keebler Elf’s tree, and the list goes on.

So, when I had originally thought of doing a blog, I was going to create videos on how to repurposing items and make the fun stuff that we sell from our antique store - The Twisted Twig. I am not ready to let that concept go yet.

So ... for a starter, I thought I would give you a sneak peek of my man cave, and where I build stuff, work on my car, and basically hang out in the winter and listen to music. However, it is too cold and snowy today to spend any time in the cave video taping upcoming projects. I will go ahead and post this teaser for those/one of you who can't wait to see my work shop.

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