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We Are Not Alone (Who Cares)

My blog is not a political blog now nor will it ever be. This blog has nothing to do with which side of the aisle you sit on. But regardless if you are red or blue, national security is still a pretty big deal.

With all the efforts to keep the existence of extraterrestrials a secretive over the past fifty years, it just seems like our country has let its security protocols slip a bit.

For years, we have heard of everything from crashed spaced ships to convalescing aliens vacationing in Hanger 19. There was the infamous Blue Book (now available in paperback). Where would "worm hole" travel be without the Bermuda Triangle and other such locations around the world?

Maybe these issues have lost their interest with the pubic at large due to more interesting things going on in the world. Even if Elvis were to walk into the local grocery store these days, I am not sure he would draw much attention (I did see him in the produce isle the other day. He looked good for his age).

Anyway, back to national security. It just seems a little too casual to be shipping an alien spacecraft on the back of a flatbed truck. The orange tarp does little to conceal the shape of said "spacecraft". In any event, the truck continued down the highway to some unnamed hanger somewhere where aliens get together and tell stories of the good old days before light speed. Who knows? Who cares?

p.s. I was hiking in the mountains the other day and ran into Big Foot (his friends refer to him as BF). He shared the same concern. He got a small place the next town over and his neighbors have not even noticed that he moved in yet.

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