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The Last Time

As I have mentioned before, I love trying to bring old things back to life. I am hoping my children may inherit this same love when it is my time to go (maybe not). Anyway, I have been working on restoring a 1970 MGB for the last two years, and thankfully the project has gone surprisingly well.

A large part of the success has been due to the help that I have received from Moss Motors with whom I have done business with for forty years or more buying parts and getting advice.

Moss Motors publish a semi-annual magazine (Moss Motoring) in which they allow their customers to tell their stories of the pain and pleasures of owning old British automobiles. They were kind enough to print a three part special that I wrote about working on Rita (as in Lovely Rita - Meter Maid).

Here are the links to the three part series in case you find yourself trying to bring an old MG back to life!

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