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2019 - Facebook Post

Some of my earliest memories of Christmas involve going outside on Christmas Eve to see if I could see the Christmas Star. It became a personal tradition and I have gone outside for the last 60 years or so and starred at the sky. My motivation for going outside changed over time, but not the tradition.

This morning I drove out in the country to let my sister-in-laws dogs out for a walk (she and her husband are on a little trip). It was early and cold outside as the herd of Bernese Mountain Dogs and I walked down the dirt driveway still marked with snow from last week's storm. Half way through the walk, I looked up to see the only star in the sky...and it was huge.

Now...was it the North Star, Venus, or just some star that was over emphasized against a very dark country sky? Yeah, well probably, but I was awe struck. It was spectacular and all I could think about was whether or not this is what the star might have looked like a couple 'a thousand years ago.

Regardless of what I saw (planets, stars, UFO, etc.), I am chalking the experience up to finally seeing the Christmas Star after all these years. (I am old enough now that I can believe what I want!) Merry Christmas!

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