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Answers to Trivia Puzzle

(With commentary.)
  1. Richie Havens – Ritchie played for approximately three hours with his 11 song set which allowed the promotors to stall while the set was being set and traffic could allow more concerts goers to get there.

  2. Diamond – Neil Diamond not only wrote for himself but had hits with other artists covering his songs. I found 92 songs that he had written for himself and others. 

  3. Donovan - Donovan Phillips was a Scottish born singer and songwriter. His first hit "Catch the Wind" was compared to Boy Dylan's work. 

  4. The Voice – Jay Black of Jay and the Americans was known as the voice due his tenor range and singing style.

  5. Spector – Phil Spector was known for his recording style “the wall of sound”. Basically, he used a lot of instruments - sometimes using different instruments to play the same parts. Through mixing techniques, the instruments would be hard to distinguish. He might use multiples of certain instruments on the same recordings – multiple keyboards, multiple guitars, etc. It created a new sound that was used extensively during the sixties.

  6. Lovin’ Spoonful – Screen Gems had wanted to hire a local band to play the part of the Monkees. John Sebastian was contacted but he had to decline as they had just signed a recording contract. ​

  7. McGuinn – Roger McGuinn was known as being the leader of the Byrds but worked with the Limeliters and sang backup and played guitar for Bobby Darin.

  8. The Detours – Yes…before The Who, they were the Detours.

  9. Cavern – Petula Clark used the phrase “a cellar full of noise” which was the title of Brian Epstein’s biography. The rest of the lyrics give a great description of the Cavern Club.

  10. Moore – Tommy Moore played drums with the Silver Beatles from May – June in 1960 as the band went on one of their first tours. It was disastrous. Tommy’s wife brough and end to his drumming career.

  11. Redding – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay was released in January 1968. Otis Redding died in a plane accident in December 1967.

  12. Apple – The Beatles created Apple Records in 1968. 

  13. Blaine (drummer) – Hal Blaine was one of the lead members of the wrecking crew. It was estimated he had more recording credits that any other musician. He played 35,000 sessions and 6,000 singles.

  14. drums – Karen Carpenter was an accomplished drummer. It was just hard to see her behind the drums. Even though she would play occasionally in concert and on their TV show, she spent most of her performance time up front.

  15. Hollies – Graham Nash and Allan Clarke founded The Hollies in 1962. He joined with Stephen Stills and David Crosby in 1968 (I think) to for CS&N.

  16. Herb Alpert – Herb Alpert was the leader of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and co-founder of A&M Records.

  17. Captain or better known as Daryl Dragon married Toni Tennille in 1974. They starred in their own TV show in 1976.

  18. The Doors – Ed felt that the lyrics were too drug oriented and told the band change the lyrics “couldn’t get much higher.”  Jim Morrison sang it just as he wrote it.

  19. Campbell – Glenn Campbell was one of several guitar players that were sessions players in a group of studio musicians known as the Wrecking Crew. The old school session player felt this new breed of musician would “wreck” the music business. Some notable musicians in this group were Hal Blaine, Tommy Tedesco, Leon Russell, Carol Kaye, Barney Kessel, Chuck Finley and others. 

  20. John Lennon - The Beatles toured with The Cyrkle for a while and suggested the come up with an interesting way to spell circle as they had done with The Beatles. He suggested Cyrkle.

  21. Nerk – In 1960, John and Paul played a short set to a very non-interested crowd of three patrons of the Fox and Hounds pub in Caversham.

  22. Black- Celia Black did not want to record Alfie so she demanded that she would record this song only if Burt Bacharach arranged and conducted the recording. He did. 

  23. Sun Records in Memphis, TN. 

  24. The Big Thing – They came up with this name in part because there were so many people in the band.

  25. Yesterday

  26. Nelson – Ricky Nelson was the son of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. The Nelson family portrayed themselves in the TV show “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” in 1952 – 1966. The show helped launch Ricky’s music career.

  27. Clark – Dave Clark was the drummer and manager/producer of the Dave Clark 5. They knocked “I Want to Hold Your Hand” down from its #1 position (UK Singles Chart) in 1964 with their hit “Glad All Over”.

  28. Cyrkle – The toured with the Beatles in 1966 and had two hits. Red Rubber Ball – cowritten by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley) and “Turn Down Day”.

  29. Stax - Stax Records were located in Memphis, TN and had some of the best studio musicians playing at the time. Steve Cropper, Isaac Hayes, Al Jackson, Booker T. Jones and Donald “Duck” Dunn.

  30. Yardbirds. I don’t think there was a time when all three were in the band, but it has to be one of the greatest list of guitarists to come through one band.

  31. Barrett – Sid Barrett was dismissed from the band for his crippling use of drugs and rumors of mental illness.

  32. Monkees - Jimi toured with the Monkees for seven shows before quitting the tour. He reportedly hated the Monkees but they were big fans of his.

  33. Checker - Kari Clark (Dick Clark's wife) came up with this name for Ernest Evans as a take off on Fats Dominos name.

  34. Sebastian – John Sebastian was the front man for the Lovin’ Spoonful and was at Woodstock as to see the festival. He was recruited because time was needed to prep the stage for the next act. He had to borrow a guitar to play his five song set.

  35. Comets – Billy Haley and the Comets were the first rock and roll band to take a song to the #1 position in the charts.

  36. Kath - Jimi Hendrix said in interviews that Terry Kath, guitarist for Chicago, was the best guitar player alive.


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